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Welcome to Glenelg Runners Monday, March 19 2018 @ 03:34 AM CST

Welcome to Glenelg Runners

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About Us


"Run For Your Life" was established in September 2000 and was aimed at encouraging complete beginners through to the advanced runner with the main focus toward "fitness and health".

Our program enables people of all ages to build fitness to a desired level from the novice to the more competitive runner. The program lets people decide what level they would like to aim for and how hard they want to work in order to achieve their mini short term goals, and gradually set and achieve also their long term goals.

The main objective is to work toward superior fitness and health, using a strategic method of faster and slower types of training practices, and incorporating all important rest days to maximize the benefits of our three day training program! We have a vast range of different levels from walker through to runner.

Ultimately "Run For Your Life" prides itself in helping people no matter what level to become more efficient over shorter distances before they tackle longer runs! Building a strong aerobic base first is critical for all runners! Learning to be more efficient and faster over shorter distances can then be transformed into longer runs.

Beginner Runners

"Run For Your Lifes" program caters also for the beginners for those wanting to get a kick start into the world of running and offers 2 weeks free for those wanting to experience the exciting way in which Run For Your Life makes exercising a very cheap and fun way to get yourself back into shape and start getting yourself re-energised back into a full and vibrant life!

First 2 weeks free for all new runners

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