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Boot Camp 2016

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Boot Camp

Time to Register for the next Boot Camp as it is filling fast……are you serious?

Next Boot Camp Monday 3rd October 2016 to Friday 11th November 2016

“Glenelg Boot Camp” 

The first Boot Camp after winter starts Monday 3rd October and we will continue on in the New Year 2017, so be quick or buy a Christmas gift voucher for a friend.

This is it, its time to become active and get involved in a fun and exciting way of getting back to a great level of health and fitness.

Do you know someone that needs to get activated?  Well send them the info today.

If you have already registered but not by email then do so and I will send a corresponding email with more info regarding registration.

Warning!  If you want to start feeling fantastic, have more energy and become healthier, then this group is for you.

                So let’s do it!

This is for everyone……………….

Monday 3rd October 2016 until Friday 11th November  (6 weeks) 18 sessions.

This is a 6 week program 3 times a week designed for people wanting to get back into shape and also for those that want to cross train and maintain a great level of fitness.

The sessions are be a mixture of Boxing, very short runs 30 seconds to 1 minute, skipping and a variety of core strength and stretching exercises.

The sessions will go from 6.15am sharp to 7.00am sharp and are for beginners through to people of advanced fitness levels as the sessions are designed to slowly get you to a better level of health and then push harder through the program whilst you gain better fitness levels.

There are no barriers with fitness, but I will endeavour to guide you toward a better understanding of ideal amounts of training without overdoing it and allow the body to maximise the benefits of our program.

Cost- $180.00 per person for the 6 weeks

Time- 6.00am Sharp, Monday, Wednesdays Fridays

Duration- 45 minutes

Venue- Sacred Heart College main oval (off Scarborough street Somerton Park)

Training attire- light clothing and sandshoes, under gloves for boxing and a mat.

Registration is essential as numbers are limited, so book your spot today!

If you would like to get into another form of cross training or know someone that would like to get involved in fitness but not necessarily only running, send them the info and slowly but surely we can get them back into an active, healthy and vibrant life.

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