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2015/16 Membership Fees

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Members and new runners of the Run For Your Life / Glenelg Runners team.

We are approaching our 16th Birthday in September and its gone so quick, but I am still loving every session, so I want to thank you in all being so positive and congratulate you in choosing what I believe to be the greatest form of fitness in the world that gives us the edge in superior fitness and health over any other form.

I have always believed that running is the Mother of all Fitness and is the most natural form of exercise. Once we have mastered this, it can springboard us into a whole new world with unlimited capabilities.

Sticking to a regular pattern of training with rest days in between, our bodies can then reap the benefits of ongoing improvement in aerobic fitness and perfect physical and mental strength.

Remember the program we are on is not a 1, 2 or 5 year quick fix, but is a life long journey in achieving superior fitness and health no matter how old and how unfit we are when we started, as it is an ongoing maintenance program that ultimately balances our body and mind to lead a happy and fulfilling active life with an abundance of energy and a zest for life that most people dream of.

Overtrain and test the boundaries and this can counteract all the work we do in trying to achieve this and send us spiralling backward and ultimately lead to long term injury or disrupted and irregular training, also leading to fatigue and ultimately makes exercise a negative experience.

You are all doing a fantastic job so stick to it and remember the most important thing, when you are home thinking about whether to come and not to come, just lace them up and get on your way, as you will always feel fantastic after the run and feel good about yourself that you did. We are always waiting for you!

We are encouraging any new potential runners with free membership for the month of August, so spread the word and bring anyone along to get into the fantastic world of running and the amazing fitness and health benefits you all enjoy.

Membership fees for the upcoming season September 1st 2016 through until August 31st 2017

Fees for the upcoming season will remain at $5.00 per week, paid upfront at $260,00 per year which also includes printed club shirt.

Married couples and partners will remain at $500.00 - $250.00 each

Over 60s remain at $200.00 each

Existing members over 70 are free

Full time students only remain at $200.00

Children under18 are free with financial parent

MGA Sportscover insurance stipulates that all runners need to be financial for the upcoming seasons ahead

Headphones are not to be worn by any runners due to the clause in our insurance policy for safety purposes

Late fees will apply this year at an additional cost of $10.00 per month after September 30th

Payments can be made in 2 instalments as long as first payment made by September 30th otherwise late fees still apply

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.00pm, Sundays 8.30am, all year round, we stop for nothing, including rain, hail and heat, sessions are modified accordingly

If you are having difficulty with payment by all means let me know as this is not an issue and we can make arrangements to keep you running

I would also like to acknowledge the ongoing support of our fantastic sponsors over the past 12 months, The Watermark Hotel (our new drinking and eating pub)The Strand Café (after Sunday runs and regular meeting place) The Promo Place (running shirts and any promotional gear) MGA Insurance Brokers (Jon Bourke ongoing Sponsor and Sportscover Insurance) Wishart Jewellers Glenelg (Engagement and Wedding rings for couples within the group) Caruso’s Fresh Fruiterers (keeping us healthy after functions)

Finally to Kelly for doing an awesome job and keeping the group together whilst I am away on running conferences and Fred when Kelly is away on Caravan conferences, and to Kelly and I when Fred is on Fishing conferences with Michelle.

Great Stuff!  

“Balancing Our Lives For Life”             Harbs

2014/15 Membership Fees

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Membership fees are now due!

And are due for the 2016/2017 season

Fees will remain the same as per email
• Fantastic club running shirts are included in your membership.
• Awesome awards from our generous sponsors to members at functions

Payment can be made to Run For Your Life (bpay or transfer) or paid in cash at running, if you require a receipt please indicate this and I will send out.

Please send corresponding email with your receipt number and payment date

New Runners can enjoy 2 weeks free before committing to joining..

Sessions for 2016/17 will be...
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.00pm
Sundays at 8.30am for 12 months.

Please advise me via email if more time to pay is needed

Please Note!

There are no part payment fees if you can only make 1 session a week, as we are currently running 3 sessions all year round

Currently our fees are $5.00 per week which also includes club shirt and lots of awesome prizes throughout the year from our very generous and fantastic sponsors.

Remember Run For Your Life now has a new website under construction, we hope you like the new format so check it out at you can also join up as members and add comments so this is what we are working on to improve our great group which can help us with your feedback.

Unfortunately there will be no City to Bay Marquee this year.

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